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"Without a doubt, GR.COM is a great business opportunity for anyone looking to quickly expand their presence in the Hellenic namespace. I’m looking forward to its release"

Michael Bahlitzanakis
Founder of City.com Media LLC
Founder and CEO of BPHG Media

- Michael Bahlitzanakis is one of the oldest, successful and sharpest guys in the domain business, highly dedicated and driven with a generic and premium domain portfolio

* Founder of City.com Media LLC
November 2007 - Present
New York, NY
An emerging social platform to allow users and groups to Explore, Live and Connect with their local city

* Founder and CEO of BPHG Media
January 2002 - September 2007
Long Island City, NY
BPHG | Media is a technology-media focus company with a particular emphasis on developing and procuring unique and innovative Internet experiences.

BPHG Media, as a whole and through partnerships, holds some of the most exclusive Internet assets under development, over 4000 premium generics to be exact (weblog.com, city.com, prices.com, cellphones.com, files.com)

From his profile :
"I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I like creating new things that change people’s lives. I never settle for anything but the best. I often follow my heart but also use common sense in the process. I rarely follow but often lead. On things I don’t know, I listen and learn. I respect everyone’s opinion and I consider myself very cool and collected under pressure"

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