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Randy Dryburgh
CEO, Co-Founder at DesktopDomainer.com
Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Current :
- CTO, Co-Founder at MedicareSaver, Inc.
- CEO, Co-Founder at DesktopDomainer.com
- Co-Founder, Member at Panoptos, LLC
- CEO, Co-Founder at VocalSpace, LLC

Past :
- Technical Manager, Client Connectivity at America Online (AOL)
- Principal Software Engineer at America Online (AOL)

Randy Dryburgh’s Summary :
Entrepreneur, Geek, Full-cycle application designer and developer, desktop or web, public speaker on technology topics.

Co-Founder of:
-Hipcast.com (formerly AudioBlog.com)
-BuzzTrust.com (working name)

-Panoptos, LLC (a CLEC)

Disruptive Technologies:
-MedicareSaver.com (Healthcare)
-DesktopDomainer.com (Domaining)

Randy Dryburgh’s Specialties:
Creation of disruptive technologies, team building and management, large project scoping, scalable systems design, building mutually beneficial partnerships.

Randy Dryburgh’s Experience :

* CTO, Co-Founder MedicareSaver, Inc.
(Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Hospital & Health Care industry)
September 2007 - Present (2 years)
MedicareSaver.com is the only website to perform Therapeutic Interchange on your medications AND then apply those findings to costing of Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plans. This process takes the time required for a senior to choose the right plan from 4-8 hours down to 4 minutes.
MedicareSaver will be the foremost source of Medicare advocacy for seniors in 2008 and beyond, utilizing well known Hollywood talents to educate the public about current issues with the Medicare system, how to get around those issues, and new legislation that affects their benefits.

* DesktopDomainer.com
(Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Internet industry)
July 2007 - Present (2 years 2 months)
Domain intelligence tools development and licensing.

* Co-Founder, Member Panoptos, LLC
(Telecommunications industry)
January 2003 - Present (6 years 8 months)
Panoptos is a Texas-based CLEC, providing unique conference call and telephony applications and technologies, which can be licensed for various vertical markets.

* CEO, Co-Founder VocalSpace, LLC
(Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Computer Software industry)
January 2001 - Present (8 years 8 months)
Developer of Internet marketing and streaming media systems.
Properties include:
and others.

* Technical Manager, Client Connectivity America Online (AOL)
(Public Company; 10,001 or more employees; TWX; Computer Software industry)
1997 - 1999 (2 years)
As the team lead for the AOL Client Connectivity group, he was responsible for all connectivity related matters for Windows and Mac platforms.

* Principal Software Engineer America Online (AOL)
(Public Company; 10,001 or more employees; TWX; Computer Software industry)
1995 - 1997 (2 years)
Member of the original AOL 2.x client development team, Worked on many parts of the AOL 2.5 thru 5.0 clients for Windows
Co-wrote the AOL Games System for Windows with Bob Hirsh, In his copious spare time, he wrote the first AOL for Windows CE client in 1996

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