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Richard Lau -
"I know this will be very successful! I wish you all the best on this!"

Mike Mann -
"Hi, Good Luck. Something for Launch of Registry"

Mike St. John -
"I wish you all the best in this venture. For me, it looks to be a huge success"

Michael Bahlitzanakis -
"Without a doubt, GR.COM is a great business opportunity for anyone looking to quickly expand their presence in the Hellenic namespace. I’m looking forward to its release"

Konstantinos Konstantinou -
"Good luck from me as well! I bet that will be a huge success, especially in Greece. All domainers and end-users should support this project"

Costa Giorgio Roussos - .MUSIC TLD
"Good luck on this venture! Ellas!"

Randy Dryburgh -
"Looks awesome! I look forward to working with you"

Brandon Abbey -
"I would like to wish you the best of luck in this new endeavor"

Frans Gerbosch -
"Good Luck"

Sean Stafford -
"Great to see the new extension. Much luck!!! Regards!"

Emiliano Pasqualetti -
"I look forward to learn more about your project! Let's keep in touch and good luck!"

Michele Neylon -
"Sounds like a really interesting idea. Let us know if we can be of any assistance"

Ofer Ronen -
"I wish you the best of luck in growing this registry!"

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