Which developed websites lose traffic from .gr.com domains ?

Websites using .GR and .COM domain extensions are missing out on thousands of unique visitors trying to find their sites.

In the following report we see the .GR.COM domains that were visited instead of the equivalent .GR / .COM.GR and .COM developed websites. Users tried to type, or browsers auto-completed the urls for them and guided them to a similar .GR.COM name.

The purpose of this report is to demonstrate the traffic to .GR.COM domains, and how registering your name under .GR.COM could significantly increase the traffic to your primary domain name.

The two reports (overview and detailed) below are only part of the 143,894 hostnames that were used and brought 544,213 visits to the .GR.COM registry from 05-June-2008 to 19-Aug-2009 and from 24-Nov-2010 to 19-Jan-2011.

The equivalent developed websites under .gr/.com.gr or .com are losing a significant amount of traffic. This can be seen at the TOP 1000 hostnames of the report and grows even more from 1,001 - 143,894 hostnames that are not visible in this report.

We at GR.COM Registry encourage registrants to build websites on our domains, but these results put forward a strong case for domain owners to register their name under .gr.com if only to redirect it to their current primary address and enjoy the benefits of added traffic.

To register a .GR.COM domain, go to :
1. https://www.centralnic.com/names/gr.com-landrush
2. http://www.domainmonster.com/domain-name/gr-com/


This report covers the hostnames (*.gr.com) that were used from 05-June-2008 to 19-Aug-2009 and from 24-Nov-2010 to 19-Jan-2011

The hostnames overview contains 684 hostnames of the 1000. We stripped all 4th level subdomains and beyond from this report, and the duplicates, however you can see all 1000 in the detailed report.

The detailed report, linked to below, is extracted from our Google Analytics account and has also visits, pages/visit, avg. time on site, % new visits, bounce rate %.

We provide this data for information purposes only for the owners of trademarks and business names. Unauthorised use of a trademark or business name in a domain name may result in deletion or confiscation of the domain. The GR.com Registry Service Provider, CentralNic, operates a number of brand protection and trademark enforcement services, including a Dispute Resolution Policy operated by WIPO (http://www.wipo.int/amc/en/domains/gtld/cnic/index.html ) , a rapid suspension policy related to domains used in phishing and other illegal usage, and provides details of registered domains to digital brand protection agencies. Further details of these policies may be found at https://www.centralnic.com/company/ip

DOWNLOAD the list in :

1. Microsoft Word format (.DOC) or
2. Plain Text file format (.TXT)

The 1st part of the detailed report from 001-500
From 001-500 PDF format

The 2nd part of the detailed report from 501-1000
From 501-1000 PDF format

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