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If you read this page up to the end you may be the ONE person that will get
Recurring Monthly Passive Income of $500 for the next 10-20 years of doing
ONE task, ONE time

Who we're are

We're the GR.COM Domain Names Registry
a SubLevel Domain Registry where we allow people to register their website domain using the as the base - For example :

Many popular international domain registrars have our domain options to their arsenal. Some of them are : - - - - - - - - - - ...

Our basic offer is to register domains using any characters possible from 3 and above - For example :

We offer a premium service for registration of 2 letters domains
For example :

Today we announce that we give the option to ONE registrant to use the base domain: GR.COM and www.GR.COM for a monthly fee of $5,500 and with an agreement from 10-20 years. He will be able to use the name as all other domains with the added security and supervision of our team too

We're a registry powered from the superb service and management of CentralNic Ltd.

GR.COM Limited time OFFER

How you can gain $50K - $100K

1. Check the caliber of the companies who use a LL.COM type Domain 

2. Check the appraisal of the most trustful domain auto-appraisal tool estibot for GR.COM

Now here you, yes you that are reading this page come in.When you will find a registrant / company and assist to close this offer / deal a $500 monthly commission will be appointed to you for as long as the agreement with the customer we will get. Find the companies that G.R. means something to them.
Check the caliber of the companies who own - use this type of names
Check the appraised value of for
(use the links at the top of the page)

Many have already these two letters as part of their name
Important notice : GR.COM is a registered trademark and we don't try to infringe anyone's trademark with this offer.

We don't offer the whole domain only the base domain we mentioned before. The business model we have already will continue.

Can you do a short research, contact few people and reap the benefits of $50,000 - $100,000 for the agreement cycle ? 

We accept payments with Bitcoin and most of the other alt Cryptocurrencies.


This offer is available for everyone until 01-Jan-2019


Contact us for any question - interest - clients you found
If you're interested for this offer for your company the $500 will be considered as a discount