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Explanations :
- The numbering at the "sorted" field is created based on the promotion, performance and domain registrations
- Registrars are grouped in two major groups : ONline and OFFline
- The online - offline indication means that there is an online automatic domain registration procedure (online) or registrars prefer to do it manually (offline) from our control panel or in general in a non visible public url of their website. New registrars are placed in the offline category by default. When they're done with the implementation of .gr.com to their system they can let us know to move them to the online group
- You can filter based on the country of your preference the name or any text you see in the list using the search field.
- The list is using javascript and iframe commands, if you can't see it please turn on the previous two features
- The first link in each row takes you to centralnic's registrar database where you can see additional info for each registrar. The second link takes you to registrar's site (frontpage or the page related with .gr.com domains)

Also the following link will take you to CentralNic's List of Accredited Registrars

This list is a sample from the 1500+ registrars currently selling Centralnic names.

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