FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

- Are they REAL DOMAINS or just Subdomains ?
Technically ALL domain names are subdomains of the root domain (TLD)
Reference : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top-level_domain
Reference : https://wiki.mozilla.org/TLD_List

For example, for the domain: "www.facebook.com" the root domain is the "com" and the "facebook" is the 2nd subdomain level of "com" . With the same principle "www" is the 3rd subdomain level of "com"
Reference : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second-level_domain

So all the names you know are 2nd level subdomains of .com or .net or .org or any other domain extension.
Reference : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subdomain

Other examples are country registries (ccTLD), like .uk for the United Kingdom.
Reference : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Country_code_second-level_domain

The ccTLDs that can be registered in UK include .ac.uk, .co.uk, .org.uk and .gov.uk

So a name like : www.facebook.co.uk has
"co" 2nd subdomain
"facebook" 3rd subdomain
"www" 4th subdomain
but it isn’t referred to as a subdomain
Reference : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.uk

We are used to calling domain names the names we pay for and subdomains the extra levels we add on our own to the domains we buy. This is why many people may call facebook.gr.com a subdomain and facebook.co.uk a "real" domain.

Internet terms don't change according to the companies/organizations who are responsible for them. So if a registry like the ccTLD of UK sells domains as .co.uk the same term should be used for any similar service or .gr.com.

They both sell DOMAIN NAMES

Individuals can't control root domains (TLD). The root domains are handled exclusively by an organization called ICANN
Reference : http://www.icann.org/)

Country Extensions are operated from their regional registries
Reference : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Country_code_top-level_domain

GR.com sells 3rd level domain names. For example, at the same domain template we used before facebook can be : www.facebook.gr.com

Now a key point to all these are the organizations regulating the registries:
For TLDs the responsible authority is ICANN.
ICANN deals directly with the registrars and will intervene if there is any kind of problem with them.
The domain owner who has their domain hosted with a problematic registrar will not lose it if this registrar closes. With ICANN's intervention, it will be transferred to another registrar

GR.com is a private SLD Names Registry that is not regulated from ICANN. However, we follow the same principles, the same agreements and the same code of ethics as .com does.
There is not even the slightest possibility for someone to lose his .gr.com domain. If a GR.com registrar doesn't follow the regulations of the GR.com registry, they will lose their accreditation, and GR.COM will assist in transferring their domains to another appointed registrar.

Some may have second thoughts about the long term usage of a private domain names registry and we find these concerns logical. Don't forget that we are people who worked with names from late 1994, we have been in your shoes for many years now.

The only honest and true statement we can make on this concern is that, only time will justify our efforts and build GR.com’s reputation. Test us to verify it. We plan to add certifications regarding the quality of the registry and the reliability of the company/persons who support it. If you have bad experiences from other domain selections you’ve made in the past prepare to be surprised.

In the next few months you will see major players in the Global Domain Industry include GR.com SLD in their product line.Time will show the effectiveness of GR.com. It's your decision to follow and get what .gr.com offers for your website or let others take this opportunity.

- What is . GR.COM?
.GR.COM is a private domain names registry, using the .gr.com suffix, giving users the opportunity to register their own domain and use it in the same way as any other domain name.
So, for example, users can register names like: site.gr.com, travel.gr.com, business.gr.com.

GR.com is a strong alternative solution to Greek ccTLD (.gr/.com.gr ), a solution to Grand Rapids MI,USA for a regional categorization and a generic "group" alternative to Japan's generic .gr.jp

- Does .GR.COM registry have any relation with local regulatory bodies, or ICANN ?
The operation of .gr.com is not regulated from local authorities (such as, as for example, the Greek E.E.T.T. which is responsible for the .gr ccTLD) or ICANN.

Although GR.com is not obliged to follow certain rules, it complies fully with the rules of ethics and guidelines of the international organization ICANN.

- Are there any differences from a technical point of view between the operation of .GR.COM and other suffixes like .com or .gr. etc. ?
The operations of the GR.com registry are technically the same as any other domain registry. It provides full registry services including DNS, Whois, EPP, Dispute Resolution process.
Our main goal is the quality of domain name services.

GR.com use Centralnic’s Services. A pioneer to the provision of registry services with technical excellence and a solid reputation since 1994.

- What's your guarantee that I will not wake up tomorrow morning and notice GR.com has disappeared?
GR.com is a private initiative from domain name professionals with related experience at this area since 1994. Its primary goal is to provide an alternative solution with additional benefits in areas where the GR initials have a specific meaning.

With this experience, the clear objective, the awareness of the market and the competition and the timing chosen to provide its services, there is a simple and clear message.

GR.com Registry is here to stay.

We will build an absolute and unambiguous relationship with users and provide a solution where other registries are bound, due to local or international agreements, which limit additional services and maneuverability for their clients.

GR.com registry helps, rewards and promotes the domains which are productive and useful for the internet community.

Innovation and productivity are the result of good maneuverability and the GR.com registry can fulfill those expectations because of the way it functions and due to its private nature.

The outcome is to create substantial benefits for the .gr.com domain holder and this is the basic pillar on which the whole GR.com is based. GR.com is a new and exciting option, and we promise to make it the best choice for those who trust us.

- Can I register a name directly with www.domain.gr.com and not go to domain registrars or their resellers?
You can register a domain name directly with CentralNic ( http://www.centralnic.com ), however you may receive a significant discount if you register the name from one of our accredited registrars.
- Can I resell .GR.COM domain names as a registrar, or an individual?
We're interested in the results and the quality of services for the end-users of our registry.
For this reason, for the moment, we approve only registrars who have been already pre-approved from ICANN. We also accredit regional registrars whom offer their services with conscientiousness, professionalism and technical excellence.
Further information, and an online application form can be found at the CentralNic website: https://www.centralnic.com/registrars.

If you're an individual or a company that is not 100% oriented to resell domains names you may like to consider becoming an "Affiliate" of one of our authorized registrars.
This will enable you to be rewarded for sales of gr.com domains that have come from your own website.

- Do you have a specific policy on parked pages?
We can't prevent anyone from using .gr.com domains for any lawful manner he wishes, however as a registry we like to see developed websites with useful content. That's why we provide rewards and support to those website owners who excel following the solution of successful creation.
- I believe that your target group are the ignorant and inexperienced users.
Our target is to have informed users but, if the user is not familiar with domain names or the internet, we want them to understand what .gr.com is and the innovative services they will get from us.

As we grow, we intend to build an integrated knowledge base including all the services a user can receive from us, and our registrars.

- No matter what I read I want only to get .gr or .com domains
The needs of each website are different. Our internet life was based on .com and the other older registries so much that all the other suffixes may look strange to our eyes.

Unfortunately, those times have passed and now our aim is not only to follow what we knew until yesterday but how we can work with the options of today.

With the domain name landscape to change rapidly and the gTLD registries before the gates, GR.com gives a new (gr) together with an old suffix (com)

Internet users are used to the .com, which makes up 50% of the .gr.com suffix.

What makes .gr.com different is that it divides and deals the domain name deck, giving additional opportunities to get keywords using the .com suffix that would be impossible to get otherwise.

How do I update my contact details?
You will need to log in to the Account Manager to update your details.

If you cannot access the Account Manager, because you no longer have access to the registered email address, please contact us and we will assist you in getting access to the account.

How do I hide my contact details?
You can request for your contact details to be hidden from the whois record by logging into the Account Manager if you are a direct customer, or if your domain is registered with one of our Registrars they will be able to action this for you.
How do I transfer my domain name to a new registrant (owner)?
If your domain is registered through a Registrar, they can make this change for you. If you are a direct customer, you must log in to the Account Manager using the user ID and password for the Registrant of the domain (check the WHOIS to see this information) and update your contact information.
How do I transfer my domain to a new hosting company/Registrar?
If the domain name is registered directly with us, and you are currently listed as the "Billing Contact" for the domain name, please login to your account to retrieve the Auth/Transfer code. You can then give this to your new Registrar who will initiate a transfer into their account.

If your domain is currently managed by a Registrar, you will need to ask them for the Auth/Transfer code which you can then give to your new Registrar so they can initiate a transfer into their account. Your existing Registrar must supply this code to you upon request - if they don't, please contact us and let us know. More information about transfer codes can be found here.

How do I re-point my domain name to new DNS servers?
If you are a Registrar, you can change the details on your dedicated area on the Registrar Console.

If the domain name is registered directly with us, and you are the technical contact for your domain name, you can use the Account Manager system to update the DNS servers yourself.

Does it cost anything to transfer my domain, or update the contact details?
No, all updates are done free of charge.
How do I change the IP address of my website, or the e-mail server settings?

As a domain registry, CentralNic has no involvement in the configuration of your domain name. The only service we provide is a delegation of the domain to DNS servers that you (or your ISP) provide.

If you want to change the configuration of your domain, for example your MX records, or the IP address of the server that hosts your website, you must contact the company that is the Technical Contact for your domain. You may find their details by using our WHOIS service.

I have received an invoice, how do I pay for it?
You will need to log in to the Account Manager to make payment.
How do I renew my domain name?
When your domain needs renewing we will normally send an invoice to the Registrar (or Billing Contact for direct registrations) using their preferred method. To find out the Registrar or Billing Contact for a given domain name, you can use our WHOIS service. To retain use of your domain name this invoice must be paid, so please ensure that we have up-to-date contact details. To pay a renewal invoice you must be logged into the CentralNic Account Manager as the Billing Contact for the domain name.
How do I sell my domain name?
If you are the registrant of the domain name you can initiate the sale of your domain through one of our preferred partners by logging into the Account Manager.
How do I cancel my domain name?
Ask your Registrar, or, if you are a direct retail customer and the domain has expired, you can use the Account Manager to log in as the Billing Contact and delete the domain name. If the domain has not yet expired, please please submit a request in writing using your company letterhead if possible. Prior to deletion we may contact you by telephone or e-mail to verify the request.
I have registered a domain name. How do I know it is there?
Use the WHOIS service to look up the WHOIS record for your domain name. It may take up to ten minutes following registration for a domain name to appear in the WHOIS database.
The WHOIS lookup shows my name as registered but there is nothing in the CentralNic DNS!

Once you have received an email confirming that your name domain name is registered, it is live in our database. Although we update our DNS zones every fifteen minutes, we recommend waiting at least 30 minutes in order to allow the changes to appear in all our DNS servers.

If problems persist, you can use our Domain Doctor tool to diagnose the problem. If the problem appears to be at CentralNic's end, please contact us.

The domain name I registered appears in your DNS and is confirmed as registered but I can't see my web site and my email is bouncing!
Check with your ISP. They must configure their servers to host your domain name so that you may receive email or host a web site there.
Is there a discount for bulk registrations?
Discounts are available to accredited CentralNic Registrars - please see the Domain Registrars page for more information.
What rules are applicable to CentralNic domain names?
In addition to our Terms and Conditions, CentralNic enforces strict rules against malicious and illegal use of our domain names. There are also a number of rules we apply to determine whether a given domain name is considered valid: we validate domain names against the ICANN rules for internationalised domain names, for example.

There are other rules that are applied by IETF and other internet bodies: for example, like other TLD registries, we do not permit registration of domain names containing less than three, or more than 64 characters. Also, domain names cannot start or end with a hyphen.

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