Phising & Abuse Domain Names Registry follows Centralnic's Phising and Abuse guidelines
You can read these guidelines below or use the direct line to page here :

Report Phishing or Abuse
Abuse Policy As a Domain Registry, CentralNic is not responsible for the operation of hosts and servers whose names end in one of our suffixes. If you receive spam from a host that has a CentralNic domain you should contact the registrant of that domain using the details available through our whois server, as CentralNic has no power to investigate or prevent any future mailings.

Similarly, if you believe that you have been a victim of a remote attack please make sure that you check the domain name of the remote host before contacting us. A number of ISPs use our domains to name their ADSL and dial-up IP ranges and the most likely situation is that the remote attacker is using a compromised PC on an ADSL connection.

CentralNic will never send, or allow others to send, unsolicited commercial e-mail.

CentralNic's Policy On Phishing and Fraud
Subclauses (f) and (h) of Clause 13 of CentralNic's Terms and Conditions state that CentralNic may cancel the registration or suspend registration of a domain name:

(f) if CentralNic believes that the domain name was registered for use in a "phishing" attack or other illegal activity of any kind.
(h) if inaccurate or false contact details are provided.

Further to these conditions, CentralNic operates the following policy regarding suspected "phishing" domain names:
If we have a reasonable suspicion that a domain name registered at CentralNic is being used in a phishing attack, or otherwise being used for other illegal activities, we will place the domain name "On Hold" and under a Registry Lock.
We will then notify the current registrar for the domain name. If the registrar can provide confirmation that the domain name was registered in "good faith" by the registrant, then CentralNic will immediately unlock the domain name and place it on the "Live" status.
If no confirmation is received, or the registrars agrees that the domain name was registered in "bad faith", the domain name will be placed onto "Pending Deletion", and will be fully deleted from the database after 45 days.

This policy was announced to all accredited registrars on May 5, 2006.

If you have any comments or questions regarding these rules, we will be happy to receive them. Please use our contact page to get in touch

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