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What is GR?
GR is an acronym with a lot of interpretations, from geographical to generic word definitions.

Geographical definitions:

1. Greece ISO code and Internet country code for regional ccTLD (.gr /.com.gr). Greece has a population of over 11 million people. Last known report for Greek .gr ccTLD was in 2007 with a total of 204,488 domains. From this number 8,283 domains were registered using the 3rd level .com.gr. A draft report on Dec-2008 brings the total number of registrations to over 250,000. The many restrictions from the local ccTLD, the growth in ebusiness and the increase of internet penetration in Greece makes the adoption of .gr.com a safe choice.

2. Grand Rapids, MI, a city in western Michigan, with a population of almost 200,000, making it the 114th largest city in the United States. With a crowded .com TLD, a choice that will allow the registrants state their region and the same time use the .com suffix is an interesting perspective for everyone.

Generic Terms :
- Group
It is a perfect match as a generic alternative of Japan’s ccTLD .gr.jp . GR is used for Arbitrary organizations (GRoup) and the stats of 01-Oct-2009 from Japan’s Registry Service (jprs.co.jp) have shown us that there are already 8,038 domain names registered under this ccTLD suffix.

- GReen (for Eco issues)

How it can benefit registrars, registrants and the internet community
GR.com registry is an alternative domain solution that can work for many regions and with different goals. Its main benefit is that can be used anywhere where GR has a specific meaning and raise any local restrictions for the domain usage. It offers an unrestricted solution towards the value and the growth of regional internet communities.

Registrars can benefit from the growing demand of the names, the yearly goals, the promotions, the withdrawal offers to registrants with similar names like web-gr.com for example.

GR.com utilizes a proven registry solution which is EPP ready. The integration into a registrar’s product line is easy and fast.

Registrants will be able to get the name they want with extra features which are only available to GR.com
GR.com is the only registry that will sponsor up the .gr.com sites when they have high Google rankings or high traffic and thus contributing to the quality of the web presence for the whole internet community.

Statistics for GR.com and GR acronym

TLD Zones on 12-Oct-2009 Domains Names with "gr" OR "-gr" suffixes
gr.com 10,597
gr.net 1,611
gr.org 1,211
-gr.com 1,078
gr.info 550
gr.us 393
gr.biz 217
gr.mobi 127
-gr.net 93
-gr.org 62
gr.tel 26
-gr.info 26
gr.name 25
-gr.biz 10
-gr.mobi 9
-gr.us 8
-gr.tel 1

"gr" is not a common word suffix for English or other languages, so when the registrants want to give a unique meaning to their website names, and register their domains with this extension, it is a strong indication that there is an increased awareness about GR

SpyFu.com reports for GR (US region)
Cost/Click $0.44 - $1.19
Clicks/Day 1,770 - 2,240
Cost/Day $786.76 - $2,670

Search Engine Results for GR
Bing.com 568,000,000
Yahoo.com 435,000,000
Google.com 239,000,000
Wikipedia.org 47,800

Manta.com reports US companies with :
GR as partial or full company name 31,717
the word "Group" 354,313

Google Insights for Search & Trends Labs shows a growing chart pattern for GR from 2004 and predictions for steady high query volumes in 2010-2011

Google Keyword Tool for GR
Broad Match Global Monthly Search Volume 20,400,000
Broad Match Aug.2009 6,120,000
Exact Match Global Monthly Search Volume 246,000
Exact Match Aug.2009 90,500

Google Analytics from 06-Jun-2008 to 06-Jun-2009
Hostnames (*.gr.com) :
487,323 visits came from 123,521 different hostnames
Referring Sites sent :
27,845 visits from 12,390 sources filtered for sources containing "gr.com"
The Traffic is analyzed in :
447,954 (91.92%) Direct Traffic
32,771 (6.72%) Referring sites
6,593 (1.35%) Search Engines

These stats reports are an additional proof regarding the awareness of .gr.com extension. The daily traffic of gr.com alone was an average of 1,500 unique IPs, even before we announce the GR.com Domain Names registry

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